Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When Stagefright Grips A Person...

When stagefright grips a person, is there a way out? One mechanism for stage fright is the feedback loop that begins with the assumption that you're under attack. When that belief gets started, the brain responds by signalling fight-or-flight responses: tight muscles, rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, startle mechanisms involving pulling the head back and shortening the stature, tightening the arms and legs.

Once that response is engaged, the brain sees it and assumes you really are under attack. Along with the fact that constructive conscious control is useful in neutralizing the startle mechanism, what effect do you think a balanced spine would cause? Do you think it sends messages to the brain that "all is well". Do you think that joint receptors can have a role in stage fright? Give me the resources and we can generate lots of interesting research projects!

Just one of the many things we do to go above and beyond chiropractic.