Monday, December 5, 2011

I have patients ask me what it looks like when I adjust. They hear me working at it and feel a light touch behind the ear, but what is going on?
The physics of force generation and transmission is going on...that's what. In the case of the highly refined NUCCA procedure, the force is produced by a complex lever mechanism (simple!) which involves the doctor's legs, arms, back, shoulders and hands all locked in a particular way. To keep it simple, when the shoulders are pulled together (by contracting the long head of the triceps muscle at its origin) force is generated that moves in the direction of the hands. There are some subtleties that are important to get the force to come straight out and not go off at an angle. If the hand is contacting the edge of the atlas at the correct vector (established through radiographic analysis) then the misaligned system will move back to alignment.
...and our patients turn the corner and begin healing...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dan O'Brien And Chiropractic

You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to appreciate and benefit from a higher level of health and fitness. Most of the patients at 1st Step Chiropractic in Rockford, IL, are NOT athletic, but report interesting observations like the following; "I was the only one in the tour group that was able to keep going as we walked through Rome!" "I was the only one in the room that was able to keep going as we put together the cookie tins!"
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rockford Chiropractor - Helping Hearing

I get many questions about whether the NUCCA procedure helps tinnitis or deafness. You have to remember that Chiropractic in general began with curing one man of deafness. The trouble is that you must not confuse the task of Chiropractic with the task of the snake oil salesman; Chiropractic works to restore normal physiology to the entire vertebrate system by removing structural interference with the nerve system. Snake oil salesmen want to sell you something to "fix" a specific complaint, like antibiotics for a cough.

In the process of restoring normal function to the entire nerve system, we see tinnitis reduce or vanish, hearing improve, but we also see cases that don't respond. You have to just do the work and see how the body wants to respond. But remember to ask if you want your body to work at its best, and if you do, get under chiropractic care, even if a specific symptom does not go away.
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rockford Chiropractor - Helping Headaches

You can study the Headache books and find many, many categories of headaches. It is possible to understand certain etiologies for headaches without the number crunching; The toxic headache you wake up with, so you have to figure out what you are eating or breathing that your body doesn't like. The cyclic headache is related usually to hormonal changes. The migraine can be triggered by foods, light, or anything else and can begin with a "prodrome," which may be the appearance of jagged lines in the vision. Traumatic headaches occur after a nasty blow to the head. It can fracture the skull or just cause a concussion.
Any of these types of headaches can respond to upper cervical chiropractic. In this Rockford Chiropractor's office, we use the NUCCA procedure to bring balance back into the entire system so that any of these headaches can become a thing of the past.
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