Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Why I Don't Sell Gadgets
I am constantly bombarded with emails from people I know who have found the “best” product for eliminating pain. Salves, oils, electric or magnetic gadgets have been created out of many inventive minds. Judging by the accompanying testimonials, I am sure they work. So why don’t I offer them to my patients for fast and effective pain relief?
Picture this; a grade 2 ligament tear between two spinal segments (looks like a piece of paper that you tore only halfway through) and it is singing a very loud and painful song to tell you to stop moving. If you tear it all the way through, you’re done. It will hurt forever.
Now if you snuff out the pain signal so you can finish all the house and garden work, do you think you might cause further damage to those tissues? Instead, the 1st Step is to set up healing on the inside - the brain and spinal cord When there is no tissue damage on the outside of the spinal column, a stressed spinal cord can be the only thing propagating the pain signal. That’s where we must begin. As the body straightens and the muscles and ligaments heal on their own time naturally, pain will reduce accordingly. 
We want our patients to get out of pain safely!