Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Diane was getting sicker...

It was a busy afternoon in the office. Diane was planning on leaving early to catch a plane from O’Hare, and her stuffy nose from the day before was getting worse. Her telephone answering voice had turned into a rather poor advertisement for the office and you could feel her increasing discomfort. She had been taking a food supplement with broad application to immune function, but there was no response. She was holding her upper cervical correction, which organizes the brain’s coordination of immunity, but again, no apparent help from her nerve system. As the minutes ticked by and patients came and went she was visibly sagging lower and lower in energy. Immediate intervention was urgent. 
But then I gave her a different food supplement, and within 30 minutes, she was looking brighter and stronger. The sinus discharges were drying up and she was looking more like her vibrant self. 
What was working here? 
The immune system is better thought of as an alliance between systems. Digestion, skeletal, nerve and endocrine systems all have a part to play in keeping you in top shape having different actions that protect and clean your body. But with some types of infections, antibody production from the thymus gland is critical. These antibodies are sent out from the thymus into the lymphatic system and act as an ambush on the attacking infection. The lymphatic system becomes the staging ground for the battle, and your ability to produce antibodies is key to victory. Diane’s body needed a more specific support weapon to overcome the infection, and we had it!
The best news is that she got on her flight in good health and enjoyed her weekend!

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

What If I Hadn't....?

What if I hadn't become an upper cervical chiropractor and stayed in music? What if I had not been able to detect my daughter's subluxation that was quickly killing her with a brain infection? What if I had not been able to restore balance to my wife's spine so that she could heal and stop winding up on the floor with back spasms?
It's true. Life changes.
It is as though the choices I made were intimately connected to the future fabric of my family environment. I look at the community I live and work within, seeing children, adults, people my parent's age and I see lively, sometimes struggling, sometimes dying people who either seek help ("I want to find a way to heal") or suffer within the boundaries of limiting claims.
"There is no hope for you."
"Chiropractic isn't going to help with that..."
When people seek healing, that drive opens up worlds of opportunity for them. Spinal balance, upper cervical corrections, nutritional support, spiritual liberation are a few of the magnificent elements available when the eager don't accept mediocrity.
Pursue health. We're not the only step, we are a 1st Step. Upper Cervical Care Center-Rockford, a division of 1st Step Chiropractic, S.C. 815-398-4500

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trump Picks Kennedy to Lead Vaccine Commission

President-elect Donald Trump asked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to chair a new commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity, Kennedy said today. Kennedy has been a vociferous proponent of vaccine safety in the past. His appointment could breathe new life into the search for the as yet unknown link between vaccines and autism.

Beginning with Gastro-enterologist Andrew Wakefield's 1998 paper reporting a potential link between the trivalent vaccine and autism, and replicated in 2001 (O'Leary) and 2006 (Walker), scientific inquiry has been collecting data that points to susceptibility of some individuals to adverse reactions to vaccines.
"I'm not anti-vaccine," Wakefield states, "but we need to find out more about how these vaccines work," he states in the documentary, Vaxxed.

Although the CDC has also produced, and suppressed, data that unmistakably supports that there is a problem between inoculations and certain cultural groups, the vaccine industry and its media have vociferously attempted to divert attention away from valid research and toward vilifying the public that seeks answers.

"President-elect Trump has some doubts about the current vaccine policies, and he has questions about it. His opinion doesn't matter, but the science matters, and we ought to be debating the science," Kennedy said. "Everybody ought to be able to be assured that the vaccines that we have - he's very pro-vaccine, as am I- but they're as safe as they possibly can be," he added.

The announcement was met with praise from health care providers nationally who say that it's about time we shut down the unrelenting experimentation by the vaccine industry on our children without regard for the Nuremburg Code of 1947 regarding permissible medical experiments.
The National Research Act of 1974 clarified some aspects of that code in response to the Tuskegee debacle in which black individuals were given sexually transmitted diseases without remedy.

"Our nations public health will only improve if we are given the freedom to discover why certain individuals develop autism," said Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt, a Florida pediatric upper cervical chiropractor. "If the rate of autism continues at its current rate, within 15 years, one out of every two children will have autism, and a majority of those children will be boys. This has to stop and unfettered research is imperative," she said.