Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rockford NUCCA Practitioner Helping Headaches

Everyone is saying it's all in your head and you'll never get better, right? Those headaches that started maybe a year after you had a whiplash injury. You didn't think you were hurt because nothing was broken, right?
We are finding that after a trauma, there is an association between the upper cervical misalignment (called the atlas subluxation complex) and a serious problem that looks like your brain is falling out of your head! It is called "cerebellar tonsillar ectopia," and is so subtle that many radiologists will not notice it on the MRI. When you look at this picture, (the left side of the picture is the right side of the brain) you can see that the left part of the brain is pushing the brainstem from left to right. Do you think that might constrict some blood vessels and cerebral spinal fluid, preventing normal fluid flow and oxygenation of brain tissue? This particular patient's radiology report was "normal."
Symptoms improve with the correction. Now we are looking for stability, which will come over time, it always does.
In our study group this past year, we have been looking at this phenomenon and seeing how the upper cervical correction (we use the NUCCA procedure) seems to be the best way to help with that.
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