Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rockford Upper Cervical Care and Your Nerves

Why do the pupils of your eyes get large when you are enraged? Why do they shrink when you are peaceful? The answer lies in how the brain is "wired" to the parts of the body.

We know that the brain controls every cell in your body. We have known that for over 2,000 years, but have not always used that information wisely. Within the past 100 years with the advent of specific chiropractic procedures, we have been able to use that information to great benefit for the community. Let's look at the eyes and how they tell us what's going on inside...
The two divisions of the autonomic nerve system work in opposite ways - one tells body parts to "get going" and the other tells body parts to "relax...chill out!" In the eyes, the part that tells things to "get going" is the sympathetic nerve system. There are tiny nerve fibers that originate in the lower neck/upper back which travel up the neck, through the head and settle on the "dilator pupillae" muscle. This is the muscle that makes your pupils get big.

Another way to think of the sympathetic nerves is to recall the phrase "fight or flight." When a person is agitated, terrified, ready to go out on stage for the graduation recital, ready to go down the aisle and get married....there's going to be a considerable excitement.
Belladonna: a poison that enlarges pupils
And what I can remember most easily is the effect of Belladonna on the nerve system. Main characteristics of Belladonna (deadly nightshade) poisoning includes furious excitement, hot, red skin, flushed face, excited mental state, dry mouth....all signs of sympathetic dominance. Not least of these signs is dilated (large) pupils. (from Boericke Materia Medica).
Interestingly enough, in the final battle of King Richard III, if his opponent had smacked him really hard on the base of the neck on the left side damaging the sympathetic nerves running his left eye, his attackers would have seen his left pupil suddenly shrink as the influence of those nerves ceased.
His right eye would have retained the large pupil characteristic of someone fighting for his life (showing sympathetic "fight or flight" response) but the left pupil would have had no signal coming from the controlling nerves from the neck that were damaged.
It's too bad about King Richard. His nerves and eye control could not have been helped by upper cervical care at this point in his life. But it's possible that his scoliosis could have been corrected with upper cervical care properly applied in his youth. We see correction or reduction of scoliosis on a daily basis. It is even possible that upper cervical care could have improved his health and reflexes to the point that he could have been able to fight better, not get killed, and maintain control of the English monarchy. But isn't it interesting that the knowledge about the importance of the head was used in a way to expedite the death of King Richard? It was a sword blow to the head that finished him off.

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