Sunday, June 13, 2010

Children's Behavior and Chiropractic

Rogan on left, brother Vaughn on right.

“You gave me a new child!” Those were a mother’s joyful words after she brought her eighteen month old son Rogan for his first NUCCA adjustment with Dr. Barbara Read.

“My son has always been rather angry-spirited in his temperament,” Kim explained. “He would wake up in the morning and instantly—if he didn't get his way, he would lie down and bang his head against the floor, and give other outbursts like that constantly...all day-everyday.”

There were also other signs that Rogan was having problems. “He wasn't babbling or making speaking sounds. I always thought, through my mother's intuition, that something was not right with my son.”
But Kim and her doctors were not quite sure what was wrong. She sought answers to Rogan's problem development in the family's nutrition, her son's vaccine history, and environmental factors.

“I have friends who had talked about their great experiences at the chiropractor and I had heard that they adjusted babies, but I never considered taking him to the chiropractor,” Kim said. “But my mother sees Dr. Read, and she was telling about her practice and how much it has made a difference for her. My husband was completely opposed to the idea, but I thought it was worth a try.”

After one upper cervical adjustment with the NUCCA protocol, Kim reports that Rogan began babbling. And in the month after the adjustment, she identified 10 words that he had learned. “He still has temper tantrums,” Kim reports. “He still has a strong personality, but he is a totally different kid. You can actually get through to him and reason with him.” Those episodes of screaming and slamming his head against the floor have completely been eliminated.

What does Rogan's father think about the trip to the chiropractor now? Kim reports that after the first adjustment, she and the kids spent a week with her parents. When they returned, her husband spent 20 minutes with Rogan and realized he had a new son—a change he attributes to NUCCA care.