Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rockford Chiropractor: Helping traumatic brain injury

I was relaxing in the Sunday afternoon sunshine today, listening to the far-off rhythmic hammering of a woodpecker. Everyone has something useful to do - eating, relaxing, foraging - even birds.
But then I got to wondering why woodpeckers don't suffer traumatic brain injury with all that hammering they do with their heads...
I take care of people who have had head injuries. Motorcyclists, victims of car accidents, victims of sports trauma, are some of the people that upper cervical care helps to restore. What don't we know about the difference between our head and neck structures and that of the woodpecker?
We already know how the connection between the head and neck can be displaced. This displacement is called a "subluxation." A subluxation creates interference with nerve transmission and can lead to pathological changes in joints, nerves, muscles, and the organs that those nerves supply.
When there is a TBI, this subluxation prevents the bones of the skull from moving back into their normal relationships, compressing the brain and causing increased intra-cranial pressures, among other things. Did someone say headaches?
Restoring the relation between the head and neck, removing the subluxation has a number of effects; first of all, the skull bones relax and begin to move freely again, allowing the pressure on the brain to go down. Second, the spine moves back into balance - what is perceived as scoliosis resolves. Then all the signals moving from the brain to the body normalize so that muscles come back to balance, organs function at a higher level....you get the picture...health stops decaying.
So can you answer the question why we don't have woodpeckers dropping out of the sky with concussions?
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rockford Upper Cervical: What the 5th grader's textbook says...

My wife asked me to review this science textbook for potential use by our daughter. "Is it accurate?" she asked. I like testing these books by going straight to the chapter on the nerve system. Read with me....
"Have you ever wondered what causes your muscles to contract or how you can tell the difference between hot and cold? Do you ponder how you are able to feel love or perhaps why you can remember what happened last Saturday? How is it that you can even wonder about these things?
Well, God gave you a special system called your nervous system that enables you to do all these things and much, much more. Without it, you really and truly wouldn't be you. Your nervous system controls a huge number of activities in your body, and scientists are discovering more of its wonders every day." (Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, Jeannie Fulbright and Brooke Ryan. Apologia Science. 2010)
Good start! So why do we forget that everything we do, feel, or think is happening through our nerve system. Did you know that a person's face will display how they are feeling inside? This is partially because our body organs, such as the stomach, send "ouch" signals to a part of the brain that is directly beside the nerves that control your facial expressions! When a person's spine is out of balance, the body organs cannot get good signals to operate right. They begin to cry "ouch!" The face will show this, even though a person cannot feel the distress going on deep inside.
When we restore balance to the spine, all the body organs begin to function at a higher level and the face relaxes. Our patients who are in balance look younger and brighter than people who ignore their nerve system.
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