Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rockford Chiropractor - Recovery from Surgery

"I can see again!" was Rosalie's first comment after her initial NUCCA correction. It's always the dramatic, sudden changes that reassure us that choosing NUCCA chiropractic is the right decision. But how long does the healing process actually take?
Rosalie's optic neuritis cleared instantly, restoring her color vision, but her congestive heart failure and her liver disease took 3 years to show definite signs of clearing.
The Rush University hypertension study showed that hypertension reduces after four weeks of NUCCA care for those people who had no other symptoms, but John's hypertension didn't reduce until 18 months after his initial correction - after his back pain finally cleared!
Lillian's correction was successful, but she had the quickest benefit from outpatient back surgery about four weeks after. Although her pain cleared immediately after the surgery, her joint and tissue damage took another year to clear under NUCCA care.
What do these people have in common?
They stuck with it.
The Upper Cervical spinal correction using the NUCCA procedure sets up conditions favorable for the body to heal by restoring communication within the entire nerve system. Since the nerve system controls and coordinates all the other systems, this is where any efforts toward healing should begin. It's the 1st Step! There may be other modalities that can help with complicating issues, but the 1st step is the most important and for most people, reduces the need for other procedures. Join, and stick with, the thousands of patients who are enjoying NUCCA care over their lifetimes!

Rockford Chiropractor - Hypertension

It's hypertension again!
Another upper cervical study shows that correction of the atlas misalignment (atlas subluxation complex) helps the body manage its own blood pressure issues.
This one used a table-mounted adjusting instrument (atlas orthogonal) to correct the problem. Interesting and immediate results were that people with high blood pressure brought it down, and people with low blood pressure brought it up.
What the study (Torns, Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research, April, 2012) did not try to find out is how long these changes lasted.
Well, okay...
But the purpose of the research is not just answer some questions (can changes to the atlas misalignment help the body regulate itself?) but also to raise more questions (what happens one day, one week, one month after this correction?).
Moving right along....
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Wordle: My Rockford Chiropractor
You wouldn't believe what the NUCCA procedure can do for people! Even the skeptics, after receiving a spinal correction that holds, are able to say months later, "hey, I'm getting better, is it a coincidence?"

No, it's not a coincidence when you have had a documented correction of the atlas subluxation complex, just plain biology of the vertebrate mechanism...

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Is This the Cure for Cold Feet?

When we work with the central nerve system, any symptom you can think of can vanish, according to the ability of the body to heal itself. So, is it more important to patch up perceived problems or to get to the root of the issue and help the central nerve system run smoothly so you can heal on your own?
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rockford Chiropractor - Minding the Atlas

While travelling in England, you can be sure of two things - you must look to your RIGHT before crossing the road, and you must pay attention to how you step around and onto things. The ubiquitous sign in the rail system is "Mind the Gap," which simply reminds us to think about where we are stepping.

I have tweaked this image to remind ourselves that success and failure in health care actions we take hinges on how well the atlas subluxation complex has been reduced, corrected and maintained.

We may find that the NUCCA correction has helped us to heal over time from sleep problems, high blood pressure and digestive disorders, but that the headaches remain. Does that mean we abandon our efforts to maintain the central nerve system integrity? No, it means we look at other elements to find out what else might be causing the headaches (or back pain, or leg pain). Sometimes, quitting a bad habit, like smoking or drinking, is all that needs to be done. Sometimes a nutritional protocol is indicated, or even another procedure that requires a referral.

But we must never overlook the importance of the atlas. Your highest expression of life depends on it!