Friday, June 28, 2013

Rockford Chiropractor Maximizing Music

Here I am, at the summer strings festival at Eureka College. There are musicians from several states gathering to rehearse and perform chamber music for - well - themselves...eavesdroppers welcome!
My role is to work with individuals in reducing tension (primarily using Alexander technique concepts of constructive self-use), but also to let people know that if there is something that goes wrong, it's not always your own fault! Sometimes it can be the disconnect between the brain and body which prevents brain signals from doing their job of keeping you balanced. That's where the NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) work comes in handy to restore normal physiology.
I wish you could have been here to witness the changes in the sound as players learned individual skills that free up their own playing. "I feel like I have more power and control." reported one young violist.
And it's all about restoring normal function and ability...the Alexander Technique, NUCCA, 1st Step Chiropractic...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

RockfordChiropractor - Getting out of Pain

I recently discovered that I have patients who think that our goal is simply to get people out of pain, and when out of pain – then they are “done.”
Not So!
With recent advances in spinal cord imaging and detailed research, we are seeing that the nerve system is able to display distress without causing pain. Because there are connections between the spinal cord itself and the bones of the upper cervical spine, bones stuck in the wrong place (subluxated) will cause trouble to the spinal cord. The observable effect is postural muscle distortion (crooked spine), decreased blood flow in very important places (like the brain…), and eventually things that you can feel, such as dizziness, tension, pain…
The healing process is something the entire body experiences. On the level of the spinal cord, the upper cervical correction restores blood flow to the tiny vessels of the spinal cord. This restores nerve flow on the spinal cord, so the lower body can balance out. Then the ligaments and tissues on the outside of the spinal column can settle down and start feeling better. From the inside to the outside the body is growing new and healthy connections, like a fresh spring flower. Once the damaged tissues feel better, it’s easy to think that’s all there is, except for the fact that if you lose the correction, your misalignment won’t feel anything like it felt when you received your first NUCCA correction. That’s why we check periodically to make sure there is no trouble on the spinal cord.

So when you are checked a minimum of twice a year, we are checking all the expressions of your nerve system that tell us whether you are holding the correction or are in serious trouble. Please, help us do our best by getting checked.