Friday, April 19, 2013

Rockford Chiropractor - Helping Parkinson's Disease

Many patients expect that the NUCCA correction can help with their conditions. And they are right, partially...
With Parkinson's disease, we are going to see destruction of the Substantia Nigra (a part of the midbrain that relates to the ability to pause) and accumulation of aggregated alpha-synuclein in specific brain stem, spinal cord, and cortical regions. In other words, there's a mess in parts of the brain that are supposed to be communicating smoothly with each other in modifying the interaction between what you're feeling, what you're thinking and what you're actually doing.
It's like a real greasy, dirty garage floor in there.
So what can NUCCA work do about it?
1st step is to get the pressure off the spinal cord and brainstem region with the NUCCA protocol. This restores blood flow to the brain and improves circulation and drainage so the gunk can flush out.
Then the  brain has a chance to be restored.
Are there other things that help?
My mother says (and the research also supports this) that you need to just keep active and keep learning things. You can actually build the brain up by learning a new instrument (lots of piano teachers out there looking for work!) learning a new craft, finding a physical exercise or bodywork system that you like. All these things build connections in the brain and can reverse the effects of Parkinson's and aging.
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Rockford Chiropractor - Musician's Injuries

Let's say you begin to dread performing on your instrument, whether it's your voice, your violin or your piano, because the very act of playing has become painfully draining. What happened to the joy? Is it time to quit?
Not necessarily.
There is an entire field of endeavor called "Medical problems of performing artists" that seeks to remedy the problem.
Don't ask me why it's called "Medical." It appears that any kind of performance problem is going to have a physical component and perhaps a mental component, but I don't remember seeing a "Medical" component anywhere in vertebrate physiology.
Ok, so skip the "Medical" terminology, it doesn't help. Let's just call it "Psychophysical problems of performing artists." Are we okay with that?
The "literature" is packed full of procedures to remedy the situation; Shots, physical therapy, mental training, surgery. I especially like one paper from Australia (they can be so practical down there) that uses psychophysical methods such as Alexander technique for retraining.
The huge absence is that there is no published literature about how chiropractic can help. We are going to remedy that.
After seeing a number of instrumentalists and one world-class vocalist regain control, comfort and ability with NUCCA work, it's time to get these cases into the literature. That's what we are working on two days a week. If you want to share the success of the others, find a NUCCA practitioner near you!