Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rockford Chiropractor - Asthma Solutions

Nice story of one patient regaining health. But the temptation here...well, you read it and see what you think...
"I have been asthmatic for most of my life. My latest allergist had me on 6 meds for my allergies - trees, pollen, grasses, mold, pets, etc, you name it. This summer was my best year ever since I began NUCCA care with Dr. Schalow in June! I have cut out over half of my allergy meds. I'm down to only 1 tablet and 2 inhalers. I feel great and breathe much freer now. I also have so much more energy and strength. My allergist is jealous but glad to see that I haven't changed in my test scores in over a year - despite taking less meds. If this is me after 6 months, let's see how a full year goes!"

So are you convinced that we've got "the Pill" for asthma yet? I hope not, because we don't.
No sirreee!
What we DO have is a procedure that sets into motion the process required for the body to get back to normal function. It's called the NUCCA procedure and it takes a lot of work to do right, but for those interested in putting the work in, wow, can we see success! So it doesn't matter what condition you have, if your central nerve system is hung up on something, get checked for the atlas subluxation complex, and watch what happens when we reduce that! 815-398-4500

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rockford Chiropractor - The Healing Process

The nerve system develops 1st among body systems. We can observe that at the beginning of the third week of the developing embryo. As it develops, it grows from the head to the tail.
When you are startled, your nerve system reacts in an orderly progression beginning with the head, contractions flowing down the body.
When we want to make any changes, therefore, we begin with the head so normal physiology can be enhanced and itself support the changes we seek.
Most people receiving the NUCCA correction do not feel any changes at first, but within hours to weeks, the changes become noticable. Those changes may come across as joint pain, muscle aches, severe fatigue (like what you get after a good workout), or even a runny nose!
But since people usually come in to gain relief from symptoms, here is how you know things are heading in the right direction;
You hold your correction (can't get better if your brain doesn't stay in control of the process)
Pain moves from further out in the body to closer into the spine, centering on one point and usually then moving up the spine. (like if you have leg pain, it recedes to the back, and then up the back)
Old injuries are felt briefly again, sometimes even years after they first happened.
These concepts are known as Hering's Law of the Cure (Constantine Hering, a really smart doc who lived in the 1800's)
At 1st Step Chiropractic, we intitiate the healing process by resolving the disconnect between the head and neck. Then we just need to be sure things remain corrected. Other modalities may help you to feel better, but you lose the long-term benefit seen with the NUCCA correction.
Remember to ask, "What's the Status of the Atlas?"

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What's With Medicare?

The unsettling news from the Medicare people (congress...the argument over the budget...) is that reimbursements are going down. For the NUCCA chiropractor, that means the mandated charge for an adjustment (the only payable service in the Medicare program for the chiropractic office) is sinking way, way below most doc's break-even point.
Some docs at this point are going to simply jump ship and have a big goodbye party for their patients who are medicare beneficiaries. But that's not why I got into this work.
Upper cervical chiropractic is all about taking care of people.
It's about restoring the potential for health, opening up the channels of communication between the brain and the body (something all vertebrates depend upon). On a personal level, it's about Rosalie getting off her pain medications, it's about Mary's getting rid of her chronic asthma, it's about my 86 year-old father-in-law getting his legs back under him. It's even about living more fully in retirement!
So as the insurance landscape becomes different (sometimes it feels like a river of pirahnas), we are holding our attention focused on delivering the best in upper cervical chiropractic care, and other types of care as individuals require, to the best of our ability.
1st Step Chiropractic, S.C. Rockford, IL 815-398-4500